Through the jasmine in my mind

The first thought that comes to mind for today’s prompt, “Cling” has everything to do with fuzzy fur babies and their mamas. I recently watched a video of a big patient cat who’s been adopted as mama-like by a spider monkey — the phrase “monkey on my back” made visual, sort of. It would drive me bonkers. (This touch-screen tablet’s keyboard is very touchy when I type quickly, selecting the wrong letters often and sometimes accurately enough, because “bonkers” first appeared as “ninkers.” Exactly — being literally clung to would drive me ninkers, which is even worse! A little kid who  finds it hilarious to stand directly behind me no matter which way I turn drives me bonkers; if she had a grip on my shirt, I would be one big moving mass of ninkers.)

The second thought to come to mind was somewhat different. We cling to things, people and ways that we know, even when we shouldn’t. It is simply within our comfort zone; it’s certainly not always beneficial. (Brought to you by No Kidding, Dick Tracy!)

No, I’m not going to give an example of the iffy cling lol. We know what we do; plus, it’s like FIFTY degrees out there, birds are singing, sun is blazing, Ms. Hilarity is at Puppa’s for the day, and I have things to bring indoors after this unexpected wondrous thaw/melt that should’ve been stored inside since Fall (like a garden friar out on JJ’s tombstone, who yesterday was holding a basket of snow while bunnies ring the stone pool of snow below him), errands to run, some cleaning.. and hair to childlessly dye at last, perhaps. (I cling to the notion that I can at least appear more life-like if not riveting, but that’s a good kind of clinging for one for who works in the public eye.)

So, you get out there and rescue your St. Francis, too — unless it’s summer where you are, in which case this post will leave you chuckling as you dig your toes deeper in the warm sand, which would drive me bonkers to know, if I didn’t wish summer breezes on all of us every day.

Catch you later!




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  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Breezes! Ha! Here in my part of England there’s a 40 moh wind, and my ears got cold when I went outside. ❤

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