He who hesitates is not lost, exactly.. unless he finds himself in the second room of a pitch black *fun* house with no answering voice to his (…or her) frantic shouted change-of-mind when there’s no way backward, now, and God only knows what’s up ahead. (Note to self: Night vision goggles!)

I hesitate at doing/saying a lot of things. Caution of some ridiculous sort bids me to be safely invisible so much of the time. I can clearly see that certain years spent in certain neighborhoods formed and colored the hesitation-ridiculousness in dark primary colors that can’t be missed (by me), which almost obliterated the gentle pastel evergreen strokes of affirmation along the way.

We can be pretty dopey that way, but then in our hesitation, others will miss out on our gentle pastels. It is too much a lose-lose thing. We are enough. Everyone is. I’d like to hold that closer, and thus, act faster.




4 thoughts on “Candles

  1. a colourful hesitation may look great though….

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  2. jackcollier7 says:

    The more I read of your blog the more I realise that you are a bloody brilliant writer. Cool turn of phrase sweetheart. ❤

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