I don’t know how it happens, but I’ve often been friends with those who are very easy on the eyes. (You want to be my friend, now, don’t you?) One friend was quite the fashion plate.  Even her mother found it amusing and once sent her a postcard while away. The back said, “This is SO you.”  On the front was Barbie saying, “Every day when I wake up, I get down on my knees and thank God for my ability to accessorize.”

So apt for this one who sometimes matched her contact lenses to her outfits (the turquoise ones were startling), as well as changed out watches daily — sporty, classy, dressy. I wish I myself looked forward to such, but as much in love with purses and shoes that I am, I can’t do it anymore — I can’t bother, let alone justify purchases.  I am no longer secretary to so-and-so, hence, it doesn’t matter so much what I wear.

I’d probably be happiest dressed as a frontierswoman, if they wore trousers — if the frontier included winter — especially in New England. However, I rather fear I’d be shot for a deer (or, yes, a turkey) within the hour.  You know, because the hat with ear flaps would cover the blond too well.

At any rate, this fashionista friend told me something very important, once. She said, “Everyone looks good in pink.”  By gosh, she was right. Well, there you go. Let’s all wear pink today.  (Go frontiersperson if you have to, though. Just make sure you accessorize properly. Remember, only the Olson twins have purses/messenger bags that go with burlap.)



2 thoughts on “Canvases

  1. loisajay says:

    I have hot pink jeans. Barbie goes frontierwoman…. 😀

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