For a Mothers Day post, I had tried –and again today– to upload a nice photo that DH took of daughter and me in front of our combined bouquets, in which I had finally applied her wilder’n’crazier Spartan race sister’s selfie trick of oversmiling. That rendered it a likeness of me and not some poor sad sack dragged from a funeral for a photo shoot.

Well, tomorrow’s another day to let technology confound me because now, I’m busy with preparing for the onslaught of sudden summer. That’s how it happens here — a high of 52, of 57, and then 92! I’ve dug out the fans, after making spots to put them, and have gotten some hot-weather clothes ready for the kids and myself for school and work. That meant finding some.

I’ve also planned heartily to get to some store before I pick up both little kids and before work, to try the ants-don’t-like-peppermint-oil thing. The only thing more fun than watching people freak out over ants, is spitting one out with a mouthful of coffee (one survived the shorter-than-usual microwaving the other dark-kitchen evening and was as surprised as myself to find himself healthfully baleened).

With that done (well, not, but I’ll try peppermint tea bags first), it’s onward and onward to preparing for Spartanite daughter’s visit for the week, kicking off her arrival with a yearly canoe/kayak race in which this family has participated for years. This visit, she’s bringing her new dog, a 13-pound abandonee now named “Finn,” which is why I’m washing a dog bed and blanket and getting human bedding ready as well, though for the sofa. Our *guest* room is full.

I’d be surprised if I’m back here before Friday morn.  The hours in which one must accomplish much seem to shrink in proportion, don’t they?

Happy summer-spring!!



2 thoughts on “Runs-with-paper-towels

  1. I love this! Dragged from a funeral???? Hahahahaha. LOL. Have a great time.

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