Well… *

The good news:

DH got that local facility’s room (as prayed for!) which is a true blessing. They brought him over by med transport.  He had to have a catheter yesterday, and he’s undergoing some issues with all that, but he’s settled in (except for everything he’ll need tomorrow and beyond, which I am bringing tomorrow — crazy laundry and shopping involved). He is located between this household and son’s, between his friends here and friends just over the bridge the same distance, so he won’t lack for company. He’s not feeling well tonight, but it may be a bathroom issue, though I confess I am worried that they’ve missed some crucial tear somewhere and that he’s bleeding where we can’t see. The fruit of my having been an LNA, maybe.  Also, he is a 1950’s patient, so he doesn’t ask a thing, and no one calls me, and I always miss the doctor visit (it varies WIDELY!), so.. well, prayer fills in a lot of gaps, doesn’t it? I have his discharge papers to read, so maybe that will fill me in on everything a little more.

The bad news:

The new great-grandson is having some respiratory problems, possibly an infection, (again, LNA has kicked in…), and he was rushed by ambulance to a children’s hospital 90 minutes away.  Thankfully, he’s 9.5 lbs, so he’s got some oomph to fight back with, but it’s verrrrry scary just now.  And I asked the brand new grandmother (my daughter) if she thought the baby’s mom looked okay yesterday, as I found her (in photos) a little yellow-tinged with a bruised-eyes sickly look. (She was indeed a sickly kid, and went through hell even before the C-section.)  Scarily enough, daughter noted the yellow of her daughter-in-law, too, in photographs, and when I brought it up, it shocked her.  She’s looking into that, though the new young mom is still in the original hospital. *The update I got tonight was that the poor little mom had to have a unit of blood today! Gracious, what’s going on???

I didn’t want to title this post “Prayer Request” – that always scares folks half to death, but honestly, that’s what this post is.  Please remember DH and little Asher Isaiah AND his mom in your prayers tomorrow.  (((Thank you in advance. I know you will!)))



7 thoughts on “Well… *

  1. Prayers lifted! More with wings in the next few days.

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  2. kiwinana says:

    Prayers and blessings to you my friend. Take care, look after yourself too.

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  3. loisajay says:

    Oh, my. Prayers, indeed!

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