Why Chocolate Was Invented

The night before last, I slept with the light on.  This rodeo is scarier than the others, but there was also unsettled fear for far away step-granddaughter, step-great-grandson, and others in the family, both far and near. All of which came on the heels of a grandson’s newest continuing facial reconstruction surgery. Thankfully, there were hours in between some of these matters, in which hope and trust lived in me.  None, though, were things I could help resolve, I guess, and I guess nothing makes us feel more vulnerable than to be completely in the dark about things.

So, we turn on a light, and that’s alright. Whatever gets us through the night! Though I have now removed my chance for being in the New England Book of Irritating Stoics.  😦  Ah, well. It’s alright, because some of those become — and some always were — compassionless for living others.  Ugh. There is nothing scarier than that.

I’m guessing that even St. Peter slept under some light one of those two nights of baffled helplessness. He’d already been Told what his part was going to be — that he would indeed fail a proof of human love, so I hope he didn’t berate himself raw from the soul on out — hope he realized all through it that he was Loved, but he was Irish like Thomas O’Didymus, so my hope of that is nil. (Irish = stubborn, proud, fierce, good-looking, doubting, and scare-able.)

The older I get (the more alone where it matters most), the more I sense just how alone Jesus felt after He left home, but also the more I am amazed at how gracious Jesus was to all the non-valid troubled around Him. He had (has!) immense compassion for the ill, injured, homeless, spurned, poor and poor in spirit, but his compassion was also not withheld from those who embraced/caused many sins. He wanted them to understand what life was really supposed to be about, too.  He’d wanted that for all 33 years of Him — and beyond. And before!

He would not have sworn at all the drivers around Him, everywhere He went the past couple of days.



16 thoughts on “Why Chocolate Was Invented

  1. its so beautiful, hoping to read more from you.


  2. jackcollier7 says:

    I will send you all the love I can.
    your writing is utterly brilliant. ❤

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  3. “He would not have sworn at all the drivers around Him, everywhere He went the past couple of days.”

    I dunno. He mighta, if he was bearing the load that you are.

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  4. loisajay says:

    …and this is why chocolate was invented. Gosh, I love this.

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  5. oarubio says:

    I wish more would contemplate reality as you do instead of just reacting to it. — Tony

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    • Relax... says:

      Hmm, not sure what you mean (I am often astounded by what a non-thinker I am), but as I read your piece, I was thinking, “Dear God, how can two men fix this thing? Where will they even start??” How will anyone come up with something that will work for (nearly) all, yet not be government-run? What a gargantuan task! Obamacare paid for my husband’s new hip entirely, but it soaked both us and the government for far more.. there’s got to be a better way!


    • Relax... says:

      Oh, Gracie Allen moment, there… I thought you were responding to my Like-ing your post about fixing the medical coverage woe we’re all facing, lol.


  6. Relax... says:

    Tony, thank you. When I sat down to our first adult religious discussion series, I think it was during JPII’s Year of the Eucharist. it was in conjunction with a Bishop’s desire that we bring out what John XXIII hoped we would: Evangelization in the Modern World. What I began to hear (at long last) was shockingly thrilling: We share in His royal, priestly and prophetic role (via His church). I took it pretty seriously. If the Holy Spirit takes us that seriously, we’d better take Him just as seriously, you know? We go with what HE says. We can argue later! I finally felt like I had found Catholicism. 🙂 Our lives are intertwined with Jesus’. He is the vine. There is nothing that shall be hidden… Wow!


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