Or, “True Determination”

I mentioned yesterday that I might get around to making a blogroll here (but that it might take until 2018, because I follow many!). Pending that, there is someone I’d recommend reading. A very dear e-friend these many years. In his books, you will find out who he is, and that’s an event that doesn’t even register on his scale of importance, but you will find him interesting indeed. If you Google him, you’ll find his current information — but certainly not by his own hand. 🙂  He is by turns deep, lofty, humble, hilarious, and poetic in his books. In email, he is hilarious, but busier now than ever, so it’s rare. It doesn’t matter. He’s right here. I’m right there. I don’t know if non-Catholics would love his books, but I can promise that Catholics will. Some have been translated into other languages, and one has ended up in China.

He will be offering Mass for my family tomorrow. Whenever I tell him how crazy things are going in this fam, he offers a Mass for us. 🙂  I know — I’m very lucky to know someone like him. This week is a good time for that sanctifying/fortifying Mass, not only because of all the craziness, but my mom’s 23rd anniversary comes up on Friday — on St. Kateri Tekakwitha’s (U.S.) feast day. As most of you know, I asked that my little Native American mom might pass to Heaven on Kateri’s day back in ’94 because my mom had taken a turn for the worse, and I didn’t want that trajectory to continue for her.  And come that morning of the feast day, I could probably bet real money that Kateri was with Mary over in that corner that my mom wouldn’t take her eyes from, until 10:16, when the great Go-ahead was given. Anyway, it’s hard this year.

I trust the Mass will include my deceased family, not many of whom need that sublime grace, but any who do shall reap the benefit. Again, I am very lucky to know someone like him. Especially since I’m such a lame duck at offering indulgences for the Holy Souls.

Today’s Prompt word is “grit.” Guess which three folks I thought of (after John Wayne). 🙂




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