“Yep. She looks like she’s one of us.”

The co-worker watching out the upstairs window to see our newest employee a couple of weeks ago (he who made the statement in this post’s title), is a heavily tattooed, early balding heavy-set man with a camper truck who sometimes wears a biker’s under-helmet cap and who co-owns a resale shop he’s trying to keep alive.

Another of us is about 8 minutes old, a lovely from head to toe brunette, and a young mom of two with a Honda that now has all 4 hubcaps. I checked last night. I plan to rejoice with her over that. AND the fact that the windows all roll up, now.

Another of us is approximately 400 years old in dog years and no one, not ONE person was shocked to hear that she became a great-Grandma recently; also not tattooed or pierced, but is in no definable kind of shape outwardly except wimpy. If the supplies dolly snaps forward, so does she. She could beat you at arm-wrestling, though. If you were very drunk. Or tied up or something. She drives a nun car. I’m sorry, Sentra — it is what it is, and it isn’t what it isn’t.

So, I had to wonder mightily how this gorgeous young French-braided blond stepping from a maroon SUV, all tatted from shoulders on down and covered in breath-constricting workout clothes (breath-constricting for men, that is — she herself is most comfortable in them, and goes from work to working out til 11 pm, sometimes) and sporting a diamond stud in her nose, appeared to be “one of us.”

Any ideas?




5 thoughts on ““Yep. She looks like she’s one of us.”

  1. Danged if I know.

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  2. loisajay says:

    Ha! The 400-year old great grandma is gonna get Blondie drunk, beat her in arm wrestling and buy her a new wardrobe at the resale shop. Yup. That great grandma is Superwoman and those others had better not forget it.

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  3. Relax... says:

    Well, it seems that she wasn’t one of us — she may not be returning to our workplace, though time may prove me wrong (it often does). I’ll know by the end of next week, for those of you who’ve been hanging on my every scintillating word of this non-fiction.. 😉 lol

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