This’n’that, here’n’there

I took photos of the back yard that would mean something to DH — his plantings are thriving — and sent them to him:


(Bee balm and tomatoes; basil; more tomatoes; raised bed with squash — chipmunk got all the other stuff; and some plant he’s training up the ancient step-ladder he cut into 3 pieces, riveted, and made an arbor of.. which stands over the cat’s grave. In this growth, I see either squash leaves or grape leaves as well — I think. When we first moved here, we had concord grapes –until the birds noticed the ripe ones up high; they could just be squash-y leaves, though).

These I did not send, but here are “before” photos of the newly proposed paved ramp and trail head with benches, bus shelter, etc. (I haven’t shown the water footage below it will cut into), across the street — all abutted by a 90,000 gal. propane tank. Please, let that bus not swerve too much… Listen, if they could fit the 5-building, 13-unit condos on a strip of railroad tracks with bushes that were between this house and the next one up, they can do anything.  I should probably be thankful that the propane tank makes an airstrip impossible!!!


And these I just liked. My ancient phone’s camera is nowhere near as good as a camera, but that’s okay; my tags never include “Photography”!..

These 4 have captions. Gosh, how long have I been here, and I’m STILL getting used to WP functions??!

[Oh, and.. I probably won’t get a chance to post tomorrow, so don’t read this post until then, ok? Ok.]



7 thoughts on “This’n’that, here’n’there

  1. Well it looks like he’s got a green thumb, the plants are thriving.

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  2. Gail says:

    Your photos are lovely and I love your wooded backyard. And just so you know, I’m still not seeing a LIKE button on your posts or I would hit it.

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