Update of the update

The dynamics of things have changed, if that’s the right word –and even if not! DH’s orthopedic folks now say he can put weight on that (broken iliac side’s) foot as is tolerable! That likely means we can lose the ramp and maybe cancel the wheelchair, but we’ll see for sure as the rehab week/therapy wears on.  We’ve been the whole walker-on-every-kind-of-surface and cane-on-steps route before — when far more hobbled than this and one-armed. Summering suddenly seems vastly more doable.

He’s had endless company. They’ll be coming here soon to see him, so I will finally have to wash behind the downstairs toilet. (It’s good to have goals, right?)

Still trying to decide whether to shut up the man-cave down in the basement and sacrifice my tiny room to the Rehab King once and for all (and go insane), or to not do that and stay reasonably normal. His much larger bed would have to come up, so we can return grandson’s twin set to his room, and pass on the new cot to second grandson who has fully outgrown his toddler bed, and I’d have the sofa again. That’s all doable, but my not having any privacy/doors to close again (Caveless Girl), well.. that could pitch me over the screamy edge of rationality. On the other hand, he simply cannot finesse the cellar steps any time soon, and should give that up permanently.  All but himself are agreed on that.

Wish there was just one more room, here, at the ever-impromptu hostel. Two, really.  I’ve wracked my brain, and there’s no good solution. A vacated cellar man-cave is no good to any of us. It’s pretty much suited only to Hobbits. (And to spiders bigger than hobbits.)  (I don’t like most hobbits or most spiders.) I guess a front room converted into a minimalist guy’s bedroom for now is the best (and safest!) I can do for all parties. It’s at least one of only two easily maneuverable options at the moment — I’ll just have to stop thinking, “And then what?”

Deep breath… One day at a time.  One day at a time.  One day at a time… one toilet at a time, too… yuck! There could be worse than hobbits or spiders back there!



19 thoughts on “Update of the update

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    Why don’t you just take the cellar for yourself? ❤

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    • Relax... says:

      I’ve thought of that — I could sleep upstairs on the sofa.. just keep the Cellar Girl Cave for writing spookier and spookier WordPress posts… :-o!! But none of my clothes could be down there — it’s horrendously musty. I was actually trying to keep that for a someday winter “rec” room and anti-atelier studio for the kids and artist daughter… as I say, I’m wracking my brain. I’m gonna need a bigger wracker.

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  2. Just carry a flashlight, Hobbits hate the light in their eyes and they run away!

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  3. loisajay says:

    A glass of wine sounds good about now….

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  4. You need to borrow or buy a dehumidifier and bug spray, grab some leftover paint that you or someone has, throw a cost effective rug on the floor and make that basement work. You deserve more than the couch with no doors. Do you have a Goodwill or Salvation Army store close? I love a challenge. Wish I lived closer because I’d gladly help. 🙂

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    • Relax... says:

      Oh, thank you! Well, the cellar man-cave is actually a finished room that DH fixed up for daughter returning from college down south years ago; it has real walls, ceiling, doors, light, outlets and a floor — that got ruined by the damp. I would NEVER sleep down there. It’s alright — I was worse off than a sofa for a whole year (on the living room floor on an inflatable mattress — eldest grandson had the sofa!). I have tab-top panel drapes I put up between the dining and living room. It doesn’t keep folks out and there’s a Johnny Jump-up in the middle of it, now, but it could still work if it has to! He might insist upon returning to the cellar asap — I’ll have to run it past him. But anyway, thank you!

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  5. Gail says:

    Oh I hear you on having to clean behind those blasted toilets. I did mine today. In fact, I spent just about all day cleaning. My husband kept saying, “Why are you cleaning on your birthday?!” Because it really really needed it.

    I’m breathing deep with you one day at a time. It will all work out.

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