Ti.. what was that word? Oh, tired.

Disastrous. Hmm, let me Google the definition… Yes.. yes, it fits. I myself am feeling disastrous today.  I hate when that happens.

As I returned from dropping off the early-morning-long Bickering Two to daycare (a mostly unusual state for them the past year), I was thinking of how I have lived so long, that I may now be unintrigued with anything but nature.

Opportunity, romance, the arts? *sigh.  Birds, chipmunks, the dragonflies? Please!

I’m fairly average — neither good nor bad, just human — and I marvel enough in that alone to think someone thought this mercurial me worth dying for, and not only for, but in place of!  Good heavens, why?? Well, it has little to do with me, and almost everything to do with the Father’s preferences. Fortunately, His fiat-d begotten Son thought it Good to exchange His perfect humanity and atonement for my limping attempts to love. To save me and raise me up at last — even eternally! — was His sole vocation? It boggles the mind, especially on a blah day of jaded oldness that already needs a nap.

For two weeks especially, I’ve just wanted to go outside and be with the day out there. “Out there” is the yards, the river, the buzzing and fluttering, the timed timeless. And for two weeks, I’ve only served as usual. Do, do, do, clean, clean, clean, run, run, run, arbitrate, arbitrate, arbitrate, listen, listen, listen, transform, transform, transform, die, die, die. (And maybe swim while the frigid water has its back to me.)

Ah, poor me, eh? I’d better go get some stronger coffee; my ingratitude is surely offensive to the Alpha and Omega. (Talk about disastrous — whew!)





6 thoughts on “Ti.. what was that word? Oh, tired.

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    you deserve some time to yourself.
    unintrigued what a great word.
    hugs ❤

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    • Relax... says:

      (((Thank you!))) I will get some time to myself tomorrow — the little kids are over the other grandpa’s, the one turning 13 won’t be here ’til Fri. night, and the instruct-the-caretaker session at the rehab was cancelled for tomorrow, which is payday, so I’ll sleep in, have coffee, then go shopping. And there’s laundry and housework before I go get the little ones and then go to work — but I had a chance to get the new teenager’s b-day party stuff all set and the decorations up. I hope to find a cake tomorrow –if not, I’m prepared to make chocolate cupcakes. 🙂 Sounds like a lot, but not having a meeting in the middle of the day is such an unexpected and welcomed surprise! I’m babbling, aren’t I? :-p Thank you for your support. ❤


  2. Sounds like life! Even your ingratitudes make me laugh. Thanks, again!

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  3. While my own circumstances are a bit different, the “ingratitudes” I hold are similar. Hang on . . .

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    • Relax... says:

      What I usually do is just go on automatic pilot, but I’ve done that so much, now, I’m not sure I should bother about getting off of it, or if I’d even recognize a time for that. But thank you. You hang on, too!

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