19th nervous breakdown…

I am always amazed at women’s reactions to oppression or disrespect. Usually in a bad way.

The Hat should of course have said, “Make America Grope Again,” but that’s never really gone out; there are wealthy and non-wealthy lounge lizards in every generation — and sometimes in all three (/four). And some of them are women, yes. About 1% is my guess.

But.. a pussy hat? Really? That’s a powerful statement, is it? A deeply thought-out response of resistance? It is at least less dangerous than the response/resistance that is abortion wherein some utterly sinless preborn person is punished unto death because of some man who done us wrong or untimely. Almost 60 million times in this country alone.

Lose the dumb hat — it’s so embarrassing. Even more embarrassing than the red cap and the old guard cabinet, yes. We can withstand being insulted by the opposite gender far better than by our own. And there’s something we’re forgetting –well, many things, in all our anger.

In a manner of speaking, we all start out as both sexes. The x’s and y’s will have already determined what of that bud will recede and what will grow, but that takes no facts away from our beginning.. and perhaps at our ending as well. The older a man gets, the more he loses hormones, too, the softer and quieter his characteristics get. (And I’d hoped Sam Elliot is exempt, but … deep breath … he’s not.  “[Chipped] BEEF — it’s what’s for dinner.”) The older a woman gets, the more she loses hormones, and the more unsoft and deeper-voiced she gets.

I just overstated what we all really wish would be left with the biologists, but she was once him, and he was once her, and will be again; there is, thus, a huge need for mutual patience and mercy and respect. We can do this.

Both the 9 mo. old and DH have a doctor’s appointment.  They will recede for one, increase for the other. I think of how our lives start with many of those, and end with many more — and much more suffering. One of the sweetest things these old eyes ever beheld was men and women being kind and gentle with one another, whomever they were to each other, in the homes for the aged — or in the supermarkets, etc.  Whomever they were, they were neighbors on this planet. That’s a good enough reason, and I’ve seen it done — and we can do this, even before the time. Let’s all just put on our thinking caps.



2 thoughts on “19th nervous breakdown…

  1. jackcollier7 says:

    It costs so very little to give so very much just by being kinder. ❤

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