Steadily depressing, low down, mind-messing..

That’s the main problem, at least for me, in being a Christian. It is true that all fall short of glory, but it is also true that, to a Christian, everything in life can be and often is substandard for nearly everyone: We are as spiritual as we are corporeal; few enough have ever run to feed us spiritually, but now it has become de rigueur to avoid the whole reality of our two natures, the fruit of which is glaringly ugly.

If we don’t see the eternal/glorifiable person before us (and I’m almost always as guilty as any in this failure to see), we’re simply going to hide our own joined nature, and everyone is going to starve to death way deep inside. Whether in capitalism or otherwise, an employer or landowner is not going to be considering (nor even pretending to address) our spiritual self, nor his own.

I don’t know how we can address this problem except to remain in a state of prayer (holy union) with the One Who sees properly, fully. In the hour of mercy especially (from 3 pm to 4), I ask for merciful eyes. I finish up all my petitions, my (sometimes grudging) gratitude, and praise with an Our Father offered for my co-workers-to-be, with whom I’ll now gather within moments.  It fails a lot, or rather, I fail.  Fail to see eternal selves, fail to see whom Jesus was looking at just before He uttered, “Consummatum est.” But I want to.  And I’ll keep on asking to.



6 thoughts on “Steadily depressing, low down, mind-messing..

  1. loisajay says:

    You are such a good person.

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  2. Powerful and beautiful words.

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  3. jackcollier7 says:

    Being in touch with your spiritual nirvana isn’t ever an all the time thing. Sometimes we endure and sometimes we just exist. Without the darkness there can be no light. ❤ ❤ ❤

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