A Re-blog: “How to Keep the Government From Spying On You”


Relax note:

It’s true that most of us “have nothing to hide.” As Ms. O’Hare says, though, there’s a principle involved: the American people should control the government, not the other way around — and it might be getting worse under this administration.

I don’t have my banking numbers online, and I don’t use Google anything (except as a search engine and, sometimes over the years, a news aggregator). I also avoid using Android products if possible. (That’s becoming less possible.) The more any (gift-ed) “smart”-products die here, the more I don’t replace them. I have always preferred TracFones who just want to be phones, not kings. I also don’t use highway toll road transponders, and GPS systems are for those who go places. I don’t even want my car tracking me, so that embedded insurance thing — also no.

I have nothing to hide [here publicly on the world wide web!], but I don’t care to be tracked and/or solicited by anyone. One cannot really hide or not be tracked online (or anywhere), but I will limit it if possible. My grandchildren are out there even moreso than are their parents, which scares me. I’ve read Solzhenitsyn and others whose governments became (disapproving/all-seeing) The State God. No thanks. Resistance isn’t futile yet.



2 thoughts on “A Re-blog: “How to Keep the Government From Spying On You”

  1. Use credit cards ? They gotcha. They’ve even got our blogs and complete blog buddies networks. Then there’s Mrs. Wilson. She’s always peeping through the blinds across the street.

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    • Relax... says:

      LOL. Well, I don’t use credit cards — good Lord, beings on Pluto track us through those! I can’t avoid using my SSN, though — and driver’s license. I hate when I get mail that can ONLY have come from City hall registration of some sort — either vehicle or voting. Ah, well, as you say.. that dumb ol’ Mrs. Wilson. Though I’d thought it was Mr. Wilson who was trouble. 😉

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