Balms for the senses

I’m afraid I’m not much into symphonies. Oddly enough, I am becoming a big fan of Supertramp all of a sudden. I’d always liked their songs without knowing who they were! As you know, I linked to their “Logical” YouTube vid, here, a few weeks ago, and I realized last night that I have come to recognize their sound.

They’ve produced a great blending of instrument and voice and, as I look them up, provide deep and/or poetic lyrics. (Supertramp did not pay me to say that.) I recall looking up U2 lyrics once and being amazed that they’re so blah. (See there, I just had to irritate somebody, didn’t I? “If ya can’t say sumthin’ nice….” — but I like the U2 sound very much — it gets right to the heart. Hopefully that evens out the jab!)

As I say, I recognized them last night as I drove home from work, and realized how much I love harmonica. Isn’t it a happy sound! Even when it’s sad, it’s happy! My utterly poverty-stricken grandmother taught herself the harmonica and used to play from time to time, and then laugh at herself. We didn’t laugh.

The only phrase in the song last night I knew was the refrain, “Take the long way home” (I presume he is singing of himself). I wasn’t actually taking the long way; I do that on my way over.  I turn down the car radio and/or air conditioning blower as I approach the old mill’s little waterfall, and roll down my right-side window as I drive past. To hear water rushing is to hear a Voice — a quick and real Hello.

Right in the middle of the song an enormous deer crossed the road.

There on a summer night, driving home, rocking to Supertramp, famished and 8 minutes past very tired, a large graceful deer crosses my path! I haven’t seen one in months; perhaps he or she was, like me, taking the short way home. Other earthly reality never moves off very far, though, so I went back to praying for our old mailman who got mown down on his (off-duty!) bicycle and remains in critical condition…

I’ll take all the harmonica and Supertramp and deer (and a crow feather was blowing across the parking lot..) that I can get. And maybe you need the other symphonies. There is surely something Kind, childlike, and very native gently blowing around for everyone, wherever you are.




8 thoughts on “Balms for the senses

  1. lifelessons says:

    I rarely know who is singing what unless my musical friend and providr of most of my music tells me. Now I gotta Google Supertramp. Yes, I know they are very famous and I will probably recognize every song, or most of them at least, but I will have never known who was singing.

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    • Relax... says:

      LOL, I was surprised to see that I’d missed out on having any of their music. For that matter, I don’t have any Chicago or Santana.. well, I AM a cheapskate, but also, the Beatles and Janis Joplin and John Denver seemed to do it for me.


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