Partners in time

It’s not Friday for me until 9 p.m. tonight, but it’s there, waiting.

I used to love Fridays. We’d made it Family Night, and apart from a Sunday morning or two in summers and winters wherein DH accompanied us to the 11 a.m. Mass and then didn’t rush off to work somewhere, Family Night was it for family frivolity.

When one is figuring food shopping to the penny and thus, budgeting $2.89 for a six-pack of “beer” for the main breadwinner (one day a week, he’d go without a can), it’s fairly hard to justify a Chuck E. Cheese night, but we somehow did it in winters and ordered bread sticks as well. One order, yes, which we 4 shared. The kids got sodas; we took a sip if we had to, and there were at least a handful of tokens each for the girls to play some games, earn tickets and spend them at the redemption counter for little toys or doodads.

Sometimes, it was simply movie rental night. One movie, yes, but endless popcorn! We had a fold-out couch and would all pile onto it. As would the cat. And the dog, too.

In decent weather, we were outside to wherever most everything was free. Sometimes downtown to the music series, sometimes to a discount theater, and sometimes just a walk which might well finish up with two ice cream cones. The girls didn’t lack for things.. they had decent clothes and toys and were in Scouting and had lessons of every kind — art, music, dance, and eventually equestrian.

We were frugal, that’s all. And not rolling in dough, which makes frugal necessary! When the first of those last two came along, I began to work only when DH could watch them (evenings). No daycare. No sitters. Been there, done that, and it wasn’t as good as it is these days.

Also, we shared a vehicle for their younger years. We had to get me one when the girls got into little schools and camps, sometimes in two different parts of town, and some lessons were out of town. (The elder kids, both in or near to being in high school, took the bus or had a car. Neither of the latter girls ever rode a school bus.)

I was a Campfire Leader for a while, too, but it folded under us, and thus, Scouting came to be a part of life for years and years. And of course, we had a pool until one tree-limb’d day…

At any rate, Fridays remained “Family Night” for a long time (in which the older kids joined, until or unless it embarrassed them). Or so it had seemed a long time…

First granddaughter joined us back when we were still raising the girls but moved out to the midwest with her mom, and first grandson who lived locally brought back a semi-return to Friday being Family Night, here. Wherever he’s lived after here, he’s been over here at least every Friday night into Saturday for years and years.

Not often, but there are times I’ve resented having spent 47 years’ worth of weekends with at least one child in the house (with no end in sight!), but it actually hasn’t stopped us from doing anything, and Friday is part of a weekly and at least semi-holy triduum, here — even if only in my estimation (it’s hard to forget Good Friday on every Friday, hard to forget Easter Sunday on every Sunday) — so it’s just as well we’d had less of a chance to be wild and crazy on weekends. I also can’t question His protective measures for these littlest kids; for two of them, we are the only grandcouple and I am the sole grandmother. For the next eldest grandson, DH was the sole grandfather.

It’s a genuine relief (if falling short of “thrill”) to sleep in on Saturday mornings, still. 🙂  And to have nearly three days’ rest before work comes again. I’ll take it! I sort of live for Monday daytimes, now, lol. Everyone’s back to work, school, daycare — there’s time to re-order a home and an ol’ lady’s half-dreams.

(This was in response to today’s word prompt.)



7 thoughts on “Partners in time

  1. loisajay says:

    This was a fun read. I can barely stay up until 10pm any more, but every Friday night my husband will say, “We’re staying up late tonight, right?” So he can have that extra cup of coffee. Depends what you mean by ‘late.’

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  2. So cool! Sounds like my wife and I raising our children. I remember Chuck E Cheese! And movie nights with lots of buttered popcorn, is the best!

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  3. Sampath says:


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