“In every age, You gather a people to Yourself…” vs “Robocalypse”


RI vs AI


I have a friend whose once deeply-Christian father has lost it, though he thinks himself cunning as a fox. He has relied heavily upon his new god, the Internet, to supply what the old God would not: Protection; the ways to lay hands on it.

Protection of assets, way of life, everything but life — although he thinks he has that covered, too. The last time his daughter went to the house, shortly after the divorce, she found out he’d cashed in the couple’s lifelong savings for gold (stored in his house), and that the house was not yet booby-trapped (in case the loaded gun behind EVERY door somehow failed its duty), but she worried about that being next.  Cue the Pink Panther music, but call it “Gun-metal Panther.”

She’d wanted to cook him a meal — she is a Christly Martha-Re-incarnated to all the sad sacks who cross her path — but he no longer trusted food one could easily lay one’s hands on.  There was none in the house that she could find. The kids, and their kids, no longer go to his house. They go to Grandma’s for extended-family time. Having burdened his wife in her latter years, he is not welcomed in their gatherings.

I see the same thing happening here, on different levels. Fear, fear, fear and fear. The more we let go of Real Intelligence for having His own timeline and ways, the more we fear Artificial Intelligence. And everyone around us.

Between the Garden of Agony night and the Paradise-through-redemption Day, there wasn’t anything of mankind that mankind’s Saviour didn’t see, no matter how far off in the distance. His Maundy words still apply. Can we not try to hear His soft, sure voice:

“Let not your heart be troubled..”





7 thoughts on “Abideth.

  1. Beautiful words at the end. Sometimes, I don’t understand how we can lose faith.

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  2. Timelesslady says:

    Beautiful…I love the reminder that the Lord God knows all about everything, and always has, that seems so advanced and frightening in the world. Whenever I am overwhelmed I remind myself of who wins in the end.

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