WordPress prompts sometimes make me laugh –and SMH.

Amble“??  :-p  Psh. Central-ish New Englanders don’t *amble.* Folks from (and in) the midwest amble. We can tell when folks are from the south, too. They amble. Pleasantly (for them — for us, they’re “IN-THE-WAY”). Even their dogs’ barks are amblish.

On the other hand, New Englanders, whether walking or driving or barking, are the Flying Wallendas of the Eastern seaboard. We are those miscreants who have one foot on the accelerator, and one foot close enough to the brake pedal to potentially ruin linings at ANY moment. Repair garages love us.

It’s so foreign a word, I had to look up the definition. It turns out that I can amble — apparently, I have done so more than once.  Let’s just say the merlot industry loves us, too.

Amble, stroll, mosey on down.. foreign.  Mental ambling is fun, too, for some. I’m sure it’s why I so loved Mark Twain and Robert Frost. I, however, am usually tracking 15 things, all without a bar code.



6 thoughts on “In.The.Way.

  1. Timelesslady says:

    I’m from NJ, I don’t usually amble, but when I go to Jamaica on holiday…all I do is amble and enjoy the beauty all around me. Well…I guess I should amend the NJ part…when I’m in gardens, my own and others I amble. I would try to amble more, but on the road, any ambling means someone is on my bumper and that is even when I am going 30 in a 25 zone. Yikes…I would love to amble…but my area makes it impossible, and no I realize I am rAMBLing a bit…I guess I better get that amble word out of my mind today. Blessings.

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  2. Suze says:

    I loved this! My cousins (from New Jersey) never amble..they do though accuse me of doing it on purpose just to slow them down!

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