It’s rather deflating..

The only (pleasant) thing that came to mind after reading today’s word prompt, “Carousel” is the song by the Hollies, which is the kind of cute I really like (like the Cowsills’ flower girl song), and is harmonized so well.

Indeed, there was something unpleasant that came to mind as well. It was the belief that one of these days, a carousel horse would finally come to life under me, and I’d ride off the machine, and in that event, my folks could not possibly say no to a horse.

Well, just like when I believed, I reeeeeeeally believed I could fly and jumped off the bureau in my room a la Peter Pan — except for not flying and, rather, jamming my kneecaps into my ears upon landing: a matter of lies, lies, and damned lies!  Wooden horses do not Pinocchio themselves into real horses,, and human beings cannot physically fly, not.even.once.


Oddly enough, though, I will always believe St. Peter walked on water for a bit, at the Lord’s urging. What a mind-boggling moment that must’ve been (only a little like what comes when you get right up on water skis and have to tell yourself it really is happening), at least until he sank like a bag of stones in fear!  Don’t we all.




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