From green to gold, to greenest

[I might have to start behaving myself better, here — just yesterday, the Alpha and Omega (albeit in other blog-title words) Followed Relax. Heh, no pressure… 😮 ]

What if we continue?

I was too overwhelmed by sadness to think about that when my friend and former neighbor called me hours after I spoke with his wife, to tell me she had passed away. She was 37 with 2 young teen boys and a pre-teen girl. She’d fought that cancer so hard for 7 years. She didn’t lose the battle; she won 7 years’ worth of time for them all. She simply gave it her all, wore out every molecule. Valiant? A good word, that.

The moment I hung up with him, I had this surprise sure feeling that she was now “jibber-jabbering” (her very word) with her long-passed, deeply loved, terribly missed father. They’d (some of the grandchildren, too) seen him lying there in the snow, a fatal heart attack while shoveling.

She was going on — knowingly going on. Delightedly going on! Not before nor since have I ever sensed anything like that in any of many deaths. It was not a wishful-thinking thing nor of spirituality (and we weren’t that close); it was certainty! It was as if I’d only been let in on her initial transition.

I’d often thought of the soul going on, of course, but since that is so much of mystery, I had thought we went on unknowingly. My heart leaped from a tragic pyre to happy sunlight instantly (as had hers, it so surely seemed). I wish I could bottle that; I’d give it away free –and unasked!

Beyond here, there is no continuation of life’s suffering nor dying. Beyond here, is life and love and unity as it was Originally Intended. Beyond here, no one gets sick nor even nauseous. There are no “drains,” there are no scabs. No one cries. No one hurts.  There are no cemeteries beyond here, and no mourners. There are no scars but on the One Who said, “I will take them to Myself.” We will see those scars.

And it begins here. That perfect life. It begins here (from the womb). God is with us, only in a different way, and we all have a Portion. It is ours, but it is of His endless, limitless, conditionless love. Many of us bury it, many bury it often, but sometimes, we don’t. That is when we see our Portion, not as if we are containers poured into, but as one in, with, and through Him. He said, “I have flocks of which you know not.” That was one of those statements (of perhaps thousands) put into and left in the Bible. We must all take that seriously. Knowingly. Delightedly.

To be Continued!   😉  ❤








7 thoughts on “From green to gold, to greenest

  1. loisajay says:

    She was so very young, Carol. I love how you think: She won 7 years worth of time. I have read that so many people do not want their obit to say, “…lost the battle with cancer.” They most certainly did not lose anything! They fought the gallant fight and won their time. Yes!

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss. This is such a beautiful post though.

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  3. Yes. Indeed. Your friend won 7 years. I have said that someone very close to me has bought now 4 years, but, I am going to change that to “won”. Thank you for giving me that today and please, please accept my condolences.

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