An acquired taste. All of it.

The missing cabbage slab of yesterday has been found!

It was pseudo-Tupperwared and my search time (frantic pawing) was limited.

Of course, if I eat it on Sunday when everyone’s around, my popularity around here will surely take a nose-dive. Heh. (I do have a mean bone in my body, but I’m sitting on it and, thus, I will wait for Monday’s mini-diaspora to declare, “Cabbage Slab Day!”)

Lawd, I really need to get a life, or to feel better. Maybe both.

I’ve written two other posts in this slump of personhood I’ve become; one was a well-meant convoluted rambling which even incorporated two Latin phrases (amor fideles; amor vincit omnia), and the other might still see the light of monitor, but maybe sometime when we’re all in the mood for tales of a birded giraffe painting.

Meanwhile, don’t miss yesterday’s embedded link to Robert Frost’s “October” — wonderful!