Yes, we’re goin’ to a party party..

I received many text messages today — happy ones, sweet ones.

I was taken to a busy little café for coffee by some of them this midday, and God treated us all to a parking spot right out front so no one had to walk. I couldn’t have, and it was too cold for others to have to do so.

I received the sweetest cards, and a homemade banner in my honor, and gifts.

A special supper is being cooked.. baked haddock fillets, asparagus spears, some sort of rice…  with family all around, soon.

And then, who knows. I have goodies in the house, the kind I can eat, too. And with all the baking, the chill is being taken off of the 50-something degree rooms a bit.

Honestly, I am almost royalty today.  🙂




8 thoughts on “Yes, we’re goin’ to a party party..

  1. loisajay says:

    It must be your royal birthday! Happy Birthday, Carol.

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  2. Gail says:

    Am I right in assuming that today must be your birthday?????

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  3. Belated Birthday Greetings.

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