2018. It’s off to a … start.

Sick, sick, sick, cold, cold, cold, sick, sick, sick…

I went into work last night. I bitched inwardly all the way down one corridor, and all the way up the other with the utterly fruitless dustmop.

I did not feel like being there. I did not feel like being upright, actually, and moved like something from an early Disney cartoon who was also missing crucial parts inside.

“What the hell are they throwing around out there on the non-snow — kitty litter and salt from the mines??  What IS this??”

After I realized that I was not going to do more floors than a mild sweep of what needed to be clean, I said to myself, “Calm down.. calm down. This is your gift to the universe.”

At that moment, at that very moment, I came upon a used pee hat in one of the drug testing bathrooms that had not been deposited hole side down into the trash.. rather, I was treated to a colorfully noticeable eye-opener.

“And that’s what the universe thinks of your gift, dear,” I said to myself.

I think maybe I’m letting go of this job, call-out by call-out.  The year is early yet, though –maybe things will settle down. Maybe I won’t relapse every time I go in. Maybe it’s not pneumonia. Maybe it won’t snow tomorrow…

How’s your year going? What’s your gift to the universe?




4 thoughts on “2018. It’s off to a … start.

  1. I don’t know what a pee hat is, but no need to explain (just ate my tea). So sorry your 2018 has started like this, and hope you feel better soon. The universe – sometimes I think the universe cares about me, or is at least vaguely aware of my poor little life, but other times…

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