Wrapping up a stinker of a month

So far, so good. No news is good news, and the wee one has been here and back already. I hope to see him more this weekend. For some reason, he has taken a shine to me. The sweetest long drawn out, “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!” escapes him with a smile each time our eyes meet.

It’s gray out there, so much so, I’d rather call it gray than grey. Blah. However, it’s warm, still. The chickadees are enjoying the birdfeeders (and/or screaming, “Get outta my way, I’m comin’ over, now”). The sparrows (or whatever are those brown little sisters and brothers who live in my hedges) are quietly waiting their turns from perches on the budded lilac branches.

I’m feeling fairly restored. Up to 97, I’m approaching my fighting weight. And the steel jaws of an illness trap have been pried open, and I don’t have to curse and rail (that’s exhausting — to all of us).

I am carless, for it’s in the shop waiting to drop some bad news, perhaps, about needing new tires for inspection, but so far, so good. Were I not carless, I hope I’d be driving past some beach today, and parking!  Probably not, though — there’s a work wash to do, and readying for the weekend.  Maybe this weekend we’ll go– I am in dire need of an ocean. I don’t know how anyone lives without one nearby. How I thank God for seagulls. Even one can take the edge off a strange world. One can drag the sea into town, and to see one flying home, one doesn’t mind. His wings always write, “I’ll be back.”

Wishing you all a great weekend, wherever you are, and whatever you’ve planned, and in whatever surprises you delightfully receive. Or, wishing you an ocean of a weekend.



2 thoughts on “Wrapping up a stinker of a month

  1. jmpod says:

    Please be kind to yourself in the month ahead !

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