What — me, garden?

I have big eyes, but only with mascara, I think. I once used to make sure every blond lash, upper and lower, was covered from stem to stern in Waterproof Glam Black.  There was no point in leaving the house and going into the world without Waterproof Glam Black. None. I was invisible, then!

They weren’t quite as noticeable as false eyelashes might’ve been, but, along with the odd (and not so odd) sailor, bumblebees occasionally mistook my face for a weird little two-flower garden. They literally have bounced off an eyelid or my forehead when they realize, “That was no flower!” We both blink.

It’s one reason I like owls. They blink those big eyes when they WANT to! They are not slaves to the constant eye-blinking that human beings are, or so it seems to me. If I have a spirit bird, it has to be an owl, not least of all because I once had the sensation of gliding low and long through a dusky evening forest in silence except for wing-swoosh. It was a stunning, thrilling few seconds! I suppose I was mouse-hunting, but thankfully, the sensation faded before any gross little supper materialized.

At any rate, I usually win staring contests. It’s a matter of will.. for about a minute. Ready?








9 thoughts on “What — me, garden?

  1. No!! Really??
    They control blinking! Thats pretty awesome.

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  2. Really nice post and great pictures. Thanks for sharing

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    • Relax... says:

      Thank you, though I have absolutely NO idea where that owl graphic came from.. I always make sure photos are okayed under the CC for personal use, first!


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