T/F: This winter will end sometime.

Yesterday (when none of my troubles seemed far away, and love was no game, but a challenge).

Shirley, Winter is dominant over our other seasons: Maybe, Swelter, and ODearGodWhere’dAllTHESELeavesComeFrom.


Jan18Yes Exactly

Exactly how I felt..


Jan18We having fun yet

Are we having fun yet?



Lilac branches… *sob…




Even the birdfeeder roof bears icicles



I really couldn’t bear to go outside for any photos. Suffice it to say I wore a different set of outerwear, boots and mittens (with added wind pants) to collect the children from school, from what I’d be wearing to work for the eve. It had been pouring rain all day — and come release time, the icy puddles called out to nearly every child that exited the school!



12 thoughts on “T/F: This winter will end sometime.

  1. lifelessons says:

    I had forgotten that ecstasy of breaking the thin ice on a puddle.

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  2. Oh no those lilac branches! Before you know it though, it will be April.

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  3. Gail says:

    Will you hate me if I tell you we got up to 70 degrees the other day (Well, maybe 69)? A few days before that it had gotten down to 8 degrees. Only in Tennessee, only in Tennessee.

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