There in the dark..

LOL, I’ve been sitting here for 5 minutes before a fresh ‘blog post screen, my hands folded before me on the desk, a serious look on my face, remembering the posts I’ve just read from others, and trying to conjure up (or at least decide upon) a writing subject.

What would you like to hear about? Split-second miraculous visions in or as if in a dark room’s mirror, living in a working class neighborhood each time we moved to try to be safer from my father’s nocturnal break-ins, possible tales of my future working self, or how much I miss being gentle? It happened, once — four times. (Five, counting the compromised grandchild. Actually, I melted into oblivion then, but so gently, I’m surprised as well as grieved that it didn’t take.) Indeed, the word has been on my mind.

Maybe it’s why I’ve always loved this.. I inadvertently shopped with his wife, and just as inadvertently sat often with himself, both at Mass and at Confession (and never could anyone look more guilty than he). I’m just lucky, I guess. 🙂  Have a nice remainder of our Monday.







4 thoughts on “There in the dark..

  1. rugby843 says:

    I never think, what do they want you hear. I’m selfish, I think, what do I want to say? Now that I write it down, sounds horrible😂

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    • I am the same as you rugby843, I always need to write whatever’s in my head, never a thought for what ‘they’ would like to read. Yesterday, for the first time I told myself “Don’t write too much, you’ll take up too much of their time!”

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  2. This was quite lovely and I just may “borrow” it sometime.

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