It seems fairly early into Sunday day for all this, but my pre-Mass heart is already toggled by WordPress bloggers. So far today, I’ve learned of America’s first martyr, I’ve been reminded of the bells of home, my hope has suddenly swung upward, and I have been prepared for renewal by a crocus. And I know there will be even more marveling later!

Sometimes, I cannot think it’s just me being goofy. Sometimes, I know for a fact that you people are wonderful. (Why are you way over there??) Someday, on some Glorious hillside, we will sit side-by-side and chat about what a gift you all were in our shared human life.






11 thoughts on “Well!

  1. Ah.. a marvelous day and time are coming. I share your views here. An inspiring share. Loving regards!

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  2. Wonderful! It needs to be a sunny warm day – in the spring.

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  3. Thank you for that. I feel so much the same. Some days what I read all seem especially created for me. Enjoy your mass.

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  4. loisajay says:

    And I so look forward to that!

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  5. Live & Learn says:

    Feeling is so mutual! Thank you!

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