Little mill’s waterfall
has frozen solid, ugly.
I pretended not to see
–though my eyes
should’ve burned holes,
two large devastated holes,
through its thickest lumps.
As in any other death
(a chrysalis..),
I believe in miracles:
Same but new will fly–
river, caterpillar,
and we.






5 thoughts on “Brrr…

  1. Gail says:

    Well, I’m almost scared to ask… but how cold is it there? We got up in the low 60s today. I took a neighborhood walk and ended up shedding my jacket, gloves and hat. It was quite a change from our 20 degree weather of a few days ago. But I’m guessing 20 degrees would feel quite toasty to those of you in New England.

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    • Relax... says:

      Surprisingly, the 20s feel more and more comfortable, lately. We were in the single digits too often last week. Not even New England houses were built for cold extremes. “Low 60s”? Sounds glorious!! We have some hot days coming, too — I’m saving windshield washer fluid replacement for then, lol! Gosh, for now, I’ve been running my car for 15 minutes or so before we get into it in the crackly mornings!

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