About “Relax”..




I am a *middle*-aged Irish/Fr. Canadian(Native American) New England-born paper-white wife, mom, grandma who came up through apron-wearing and pillbox hats into the women’s lib movement, to this current state of affairs, which seems undecided. And ugly.

It really doesn’t get more complicated than this, except that I love to fish. I don’t like to bait the hook myself, nor to catch anything.. I just like fishing. It’s quiet, and now and then, there’s a bite. Meanwhile, it’s quiet (I think I mentioned that), and hopefully someone who loves quiet fisherfolks has also brought the potato salad. Light on the mayo, with chopped onions and egg whites and tomatoes. A pb & j sandwich suffices, though, unless you’re wanting more than friendship. A bagel with cream cheese and olive can bring you a nice surprise. Especially if you wanted half a cream cheese and olive bagel.

Back in November of ’16 (yes, twenty — not eighteen-sixteen, for those who’ve seen me), a lot of magic went out of life. It won’t be back even after Trump’s gone. There’s too much suffering in the world. But that’s when the Mary Olivers come into one’s life, isn’t it? And of course, Jesus. He is never more real than when we’re viewing others’ crucifixions (or our own). He’s the only one who can do anything about it, our hand in His, but in the dark, Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry come running with peeping ducks and drakes and all manner of the natural that does not worry beforehand.

For a while, I thought myself Franciscan-charism’d. Well, it happens. Turns out I am more in tune with the Jesuits. They, too, find God in all things — but they write about it. I have NO idea where I’d be without Francis and Inigo and Mary Magdalen and Little Therese, and all the saints and saintly popes who are sweet bridges to the Real.

Welcome. I may not be writing much — mostly re-blogging/linking, because I have too much to say — but indeed, welcome.  ❤






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