(((Thank you)))

People.. Before I let another half-well moment pass, thank you! Thank you for your concern and your prayers and your good wishes. Those make up the very air beneath angels’ (and Grandmotherbobs’) feet. I am indebted by heart to you.




Well, he has too much pain to ambulate (or even stand), so they can’t send him home, yet they can’t hold him there with no med issue, so it looks like he’ll be going to a rehab for a while (*which he doesn’t want to do, but says will be a joint decision; we’ll try to figure it out this July 7 morn).  (((Thank you for your prayers.)))


Short but not sweet!

Hi. A temporary post to say that I’m not gone — it’s just that I’ll be unable to keep up with ya’s for a short while. DH fell while working today, again (though thankfully not off a roof like the last times), and managed to break a pelvic bone and a number of high ribs. He is in considerable pain, but (for once!) his injuries don’t require surgeries. Which also unfortunately means they’ll heal on their own, which will take tons of time and care. The *kids* have been busy making a ramp for his walker, and I’ve been re- and de-inventing the house (again) for accessibility and a first floor makeshift bedroom. (6 years ago, I refused to let him donate walker and canes and raised-/potty seat — now you know why! Really, the hospitals should send me out to other women whose DHs have underestimated the gravity of gravity.) It’s gonna be crazy, all over again. For a while. 🙂  I will look forward to catching up here, once things settle down a bit. Meanwhile, stay close to the earth!