Casava starch/other edible packaging, too? Why not?

Jeremy Williams eats bugs. Well, he’s tried them — prepared as (unlimited!, high protein!) food.  He’s far more brave (as opposed to crazypants) than I, but otherwise, he’s a stunningly savvy young man who has his finger on the greener (conservation/ecology/sustainability) pulse of the world, and he provides so many feasible possibilities and initiatives already going on.

I was dismayed but not entirely shocked to read his first few lines in today’s post at his Make Wealth History ‘blog telling us that according to official reports, only about 2% of the world’s plastic is actually recycled. Guess where the rest goes.

As the meme says, we have to start caring about the kind of world we’re leaving to Keith Richards! Give Jeremy’s post a read and click around (I followed the plastic/packaging trail again today — I keep thinking there must be something we can do) for some great ideas to get behind.



A Re-blog: Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers: Climate Breakdown Is Happening Before Our Eyes

Vox Populi

Climate breakdown, as George Monbiot calls it, is happening before our eyes at the same time the science on climate change grows stronger and has wider acceptance. Hurricane Harvey, which struck at the center of the petroleum industry – the heart of climate denialism – provided a glimpse of the new normal of climate crisis-induced events. In Asia, this week the climate message was even stronger where at least 1,200 people died and 41 million were impacted. By 2050, one billion people could be displaced by climate crises.

Climate disasters demonstrate the immense failure of government at all levels. The world has known about the likely disastrous impacts of climate change for decades. Next year will be the thirtieth anniversary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which  operates under the auspices of the United Nations and was founded in 1988. The IPCC published the first of five reports in…

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Wars, and rumors of wars..

The Lord has put many here in every generation to educate and remind us that the earth — all its natural resources and fish and beasts and birds — is not ours to use/abuse at will. It, too, is finite and must be protected for coming generations from the terrible threats we battle from earlier generations and which we presently pose — not only cataclysms of extinctions, pollutions, deforestations, erosions, forced climate changes (and tectonic plate shifts), but from bombs and the second death they bring — earth/water/air poisoning. Death is death, whether immediate or slow.

The Pope says it better in Laudato Si’, but I’ve said it in the short version, and even the link above this line is an abbreviated view of the document (we might jump in deeper on its whole Chapter 6).

Not many listen to the Pope on such matters. It is easy enough to dismiss scientists, not to even mention native inhabitants who were true, respectful, responsible kin with the earth; indeed, then, it is even easier to dismiss warnings from religious figures and to suggest they stick to their own matters. Francis’ agenda (for the first time ever in papal history, he is patron saint-named for the Seraphic Father, peacemaker, and, along with our own St. Kateri, a patron saint of ecology) in this document, though, is not Francis’ own/alone. It is part of his Mater et Magistra job in this world, to awaken, advise, counsel asap in this accelerated lessening time about something dear to God, dear to us, dear to all inhabitants present and to come. In a papal document, there’s something for everyone — hence, 42,000 words — but they are universally important words. I sincerely wish KJ-U and DJT would be the next two to read some of them.




I awoke thinking of all the (mostly contemporary) times/events from which peoples and nations have come back — and of the threats against the world’s inhabitants that never materialized (at least, not unto total decimation)… so far — though Africa needs help. As does our entire ecology.

It’s a good thing the anthrax (Ricin, Sarin) scare petered out.  Our “dedicated safe room” would’ve likely poisoned/killed us by radon instead. Plus, I never put up the plastic that would seal us away from OR into our doom. Also, there was little money for storing up canned goods and bottled water.  And Skybars..  Okay, everyone in the whole world who thinks they hate my fam, just behave yourselves, and we will, too, okay? Excellent!

In all other seriousness, though, I thought about the Civil War –who couldn’t? Really, leave the statues and mottos and the (non-serpentine) flag in place; it is OUR American history — there is no denying it, and we have to respect each other, as Lincoln so desperately wanted and thought possible.

We made it intrepidly, safely away from the King. Let us unite every time something tyrannical divides us. Let it not become Civil War ever again. Love can fly both flags, because love lost on both fronts, and there’s only one way to heal us from hatreds. Unity. That’s the only way to heal KKK-think… and Abu Ghraib-think, too. Dear, dear God!

I thought about the World Wars since then (and before), about the abomination that was the Holocaust, about the abomination that was Fat Man and Little Boy, about the abomination that was internment. About the abomination that was (and for now, still is) abortion. I thought about the abomination that was (and still is, even here) slavery. Blacks have been freed, but only from ownership. Native Americans are still held.

I thought about plagues and influenzas and polio. Hansen’s disease, AIDS, and SARS. I think about starvation and pernicious hunger, miseries from dirty/lack of water, armed children. I think about imprisoned children who are not classified as people — whether actual youngsters, or folks like those in Gitmo.  Somebody, receive them ALL, please. These are people. We KNOW this. Let me assure you as do many others: the military in ANY nation falls short of glory, just like ALL mankind.  Very short, sometimes. We set out to raise up peoples, our own, first — we can’t raise up anyone if we won’t rise. Abolish ALL the Gitmos. No more reservations. No more ICE, too. We are savages. We don’t have to be, we are not locked into anything — we just need to THINK — but more importantly, the Alpha and Omega is watching. What on earth made us forget that the least of these are HIS people??

Ethnocide, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes … the nations remain.

JFK, MLK Jr., Bobby, Johnson/Vietnam, the deliberate killing of Terri Schiavo, JP II’s long standoff with hell and air-suckingly-black mind-breaking goodbye … we made it through the horror.

The Year 2000 scare, 9/11, the Mideast… Oh, we are buried up to our necks in the Mideast for the foreseeable, and with this Administration, perhaps in many other nations as well. We can help decide that, only with individual and collective courage.  Impeach any and every hate-monger (/who buys his way into public office)and then do away with the two-party system. It’s become a one-party system, fatality-wise. One wars on other nations’ PEOPLE for profit; one wars domestically on wo\men and children and family itself! Let’s give that third idea a little room to expand.

Who ever thought we would recover from 9/11? We’re okay.  Do we see that?  It’s time for us to help de-9/11 potential others (especially if we’re their bombers). All we have to do is agree on that. (And limit our wild appetites — something only we can do. “Live simply, that others may simply live.” It could not be said more simply!)

And change immigration laws to make “legal” status a little more affordable and quicker. Most of us jump to conclusions about that — I suggest we all look into it. The last I knew (years ago), it takes many years and thousands of dollars and a lawyer.

Refugees? Listen, you, too, can tread on me and mine a bit — most all of us started out rough, too.  We got lucky. We work hard and suffer, but we also got lucky. There’s enough of that to share, and sharing life and means is the only proper thanks-giving. Meanwhile, we have to at least act decently toward all. That’s the bottom line. We have fooled ourselves long enough with our alleged protections from whatever. Our souls are taking a direct hit — and others die from it.





“A BLT, please; hold the B!”

“Were these happy chickens?” daughter who is our baby asks in that cute, smiling way that doesn’t offend, but she really does want it confirmed by the organic farmer that this meat once had a real life.

For the agriculture part of her studies, she has read many books. Initially, just one  (non-sensationalist) book on raising animals for food in America put her off eating meat for years. The average American has NO idea of how inhumanely our food animals are *conceived* *raised* and slaughtered (that is indeed the word to use), and how contaminated they are in the gutting processing.  (In one article I read today, a 2011 report from the FDA says that via processing: 90% of chicken, 91% of ground turkey, 88% of ground beef, and 80% of pork chops are contaminated. With FECAL matter.)

We also have no idea how bad the methane-producing animals are for our environment.  Water and land wise.  It is estimated that if we even went to one meatless day, the result of this seemingly small footprint would be the equivalent of the whole nation switching to unleaded gasoline.

Also, there’s that little matter of our colon cancer — utterly absent in parts of the world where beef cows aren’t consumed. We’ve been sold a bill of goods about how we need protein, calcium, iron, Omega-3 and all other nutrients that can only be found in meat, dairy and eggs. However, that’s false. All those nutrients are found in AS healthy levels in plants.

The WHO says that 80% of all heart attacks, strokes, and Type 2 diabetes can be PREVENTED. And a lesser but real shocker: Chicken actually has more cholesterol than pork chops — who knew??

I was nearly a vegan for 4 years (pre-gall bladder issue days).  I did it because I wanted to be able to look animals in the eye, after having visited some cow farms where I learned that the infant cow is removed from Mom after a WEEK (suckling just enough to flow the milk for US) and is bottle fed (and desperately suckles fingers), all while Mom calls out for the calf.. She will be re-bred/inseminated shortly.  Over and over and over, until she gives out.

Anyway, if only I liked beans and legumes.  Yuck.  I can choke down some lentils… So, it was hard. One of the first things I noticed upon giving up animal flesh (not sea creature flesh, as a waitress snootily pointed out in a restaurant..), was a tremendous need to salt everything WAY more to make it edible. Well, not only are our animals injected with and soaked in salt to add package weight, but of course, blood contains a great deal of salt.

Daughter, like my sister-in-law, will only eat a bit of chicken or beef or whatever from either truly free-range or self-hunted animals (they don’t raise any). Mostly, it is a special occasion only that finds them eating flesh. But it better damned well be formerly happy flesh. And I’m not totally vegan — nutrition is tricky for someone like me — but I’d like to be, so everyone, keep looking to create/alter products that can very naturally (and low-fat-ly!) keep life going until it far more naturally than usual stops, mutually. It is my responsibility to keep looking for this.

Finally, and I know I have not changed any bacon-loving minds — nothing but time ever really does that, and one’s own research, of course — Sir Paulie and his family and millions of others advocate for Meatless Mondays. It really and truly makes a big difference.

I don’t support fish farming, either. Imagine living in a tank. All your life.. it’s neither right, nor fair, and it is definitely not what was meant by man “having dominion” over other creatures. Again, “surf and turf” shall rule the land, I know — but we need to think about it all, and need to develop a plan of lessening consumption, at least, for everyone’s sake. That is truly our responsibility to all who do and who will share this finite planet. It is our responsibility as parents, too.

Our moms said, “Everything in moderation.” They were right — and that was even before the 132-ounce sodas came to be-gorilla our own youths. God, too, would’ve said, “Everything in moderation,” but He already knew we’d have to keep telling each other in every generation — and keep on working toward defining “moderation” in food-rich nations like America.


Halved Popsicle Days

We’ll skip the verb part of “soil” and head straight for the noun.

In so doing, what’s the first graphic that jumps to mind for the word “soil”?

Yeah, me, too. 🙂 It’s so different from “dirt,” somehow!

Wherever we are in all this world, “soil” brings visions of handfuls of soft, dark aerated earth — something nutrient enough and warm enough and aromatic enough to even grow angels in, were soil not earth of the earth.

It wouldn’t do a New Englander any good to ask Santa for a bag of soil. It doesn’t look good against our blanketings of white at that time of year, but to ask the Easter Bunny, well.. yes.  All the Bunny Nation likes soil. I could get lucky, there.

As if roots weren’t cool-beans enough, we get to shake the soil off of them and plant something magical, again. But first, oh, just to touch it, and sift it between fingers before patting it back down around new plantings. What a great planet.

I’m in my second childhood, aren’t I? Aren’t you? Did it ever end?