A Re-blog (“Reaching Impeachment Critical Mass”)


It’s up to us.  (This is written by a Democrat, which I am not — I am neither here nor there! — but there’s tons of meat for thought. Good, rational thought.)


Vox Populi

Regaining Our Common Sense

Two things are inhibiting our exercise of common sense as a self-governed people:

First, the cancer of our corporate media monopoly has ravaged the culture of the democratic process in our nation.  Among the many symptoms of this lethal disease is its projection of normalizing false narratives that reek of the body public’s corruption and decay.

For example, of all places, National Public Radio just ran a lengthy segment examining the numerous instances in which Donald Trump has this week proven himself a liar and a fraud by advancing policies in direct conflict with his campaign platform and campaign promises.  Throughout the piece, the NPR journalists discussed how Trump was “learning on the job,” how these self-contradictions represented a possible shift to the political center, and how during the campaign, “Trump needed to say” one thing, and as President, he “needed to say” another.  Not once…

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