Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s one of the 100 or so days every year that I’m thankful to not live on a boat! We’ll reach a “high” of 18°F today, if we all behave.

Lots of cooking about to happen here, now (lots of prep for days before)!

One of my ever strong thankfuls is for the Created world’s Planned beauty. There are sights our human eyes have beheld that can’t even come across in the arts, almost as if — or exactly as if — they have too Personal a content to be able to let mere words enter. Like viewing a newborn, only less so.

Two days ago, it was a dark-sky day, so, already the winter wonderlandness was stunning — fresh snow adhered to every branch, bud and blade and every bit of the earth’s surface, except for the dark water of ponds.

I slowed the car this late-darkening afternoon for the upcoming pond view.. there was by then, and remained all eve, a low bank of puffy white clouds above the snow-studded everything ringing the midnight-hued pond and its islands..

I could form no words. I gasped, shook my head, and said to Him in Gasparian, “Oh, that.. that right there.. oh!” And it made me cry for a second!

I’m wishing you all such a moment, if not also turkey, 6 of which, by the way, I saw strolling around someone’s rural yard yesterday! And that made me laugh! I wish you that sort of mirth as well.

And.. I thank you, too.