A Re-blog (“JFKs Peace Speech — just months before he was gunned down”)

(Relax note: [Johnny, we knew ye well enough and we loved ye dearly.] Peace is not impossible, still. It just has to be wanted more than it’s not. When we eldsters speak of what could’ve been, it’s because of JFK’s America — and his worldview as President. And because of his successful initiatives. I’m particularly thankful for the transcript, as my tablet freezes up after 3 minutes or so of viewing videotape, but go to the link and listen to the video if you can. There’s so much life in it, so much hope — and so much respect. For everyone.)

In the alternative

JFK’s Turning Point: American University Peace Speech, June 1963. Text.

SH Note: JFK began as a hawk. But the Cuban Missle crisis in 1962 brought the world a trigger-hair away from the end of civilization as we know it. According to James Douglass and many other scholars, this made both JFK and Khrushchev tremble for what had very nearly happened. And it was the generals both here and in the Soviet Union who thought a First Strike just might give their side the slight edge. General Curtis Lemay even argued that we should accept very high casualties in this risk. Kennedy thought he was mad and, with Khrushchev, sought through hair-raising negotiations to avert the ultimate disaster.

When it was over all the protagonists knew this must never be allowed to happen again. JFK delivered his American University Peace speech just months before he was cut down. And he sought…

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A Re-blog (“Goldilocks and the three mares”)

(Relax note: A photog in Wales.. I could’ve looked through her stuff all night! Wow!)

A snap a day

A wonderful day walking up the Vale of Ewyas starting from Llanthony Priory and winding our way towards Capel-y-ffin.  Cold breezes stirred the soul and the heavy mist which clung to the mountain tops parted every now and again to let pockets of sunshine light up the autumn leaves in fiery golds, reds and oranges.   The dying bracken added to the palette of brown, russet and burnt umber. Calling ravens circled above our heads, wild ponies pricked their ears and Black Welsh Mountain sheep bleated their hellos as we tromped by.

Later as the mist started to clear, we drove up the valley into the hills and emerged to a spectacular view towards Hereford.  Here, the wild ponies looked windswept, as though they’d just stepped onto the set of a shampoo advert with their long, flowing (err..slightly tangled) manes and shaggy fetlocks.


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A Re-blog (“The Citizen’s Income”)

(Relax note: The more I [an average world citizen] read about this feasible idea — and realize also the quieter benefit of how quickly it could eliminate a lot of complicated, expensive, uneven bureaucracy on every level — the more attractive it becomes and the more I’d see it pursued for its potential as a genuine boon for any nation.)

One of the recurring ideas that crops up in alternative economics circles is the citizen’s income. In a nutshell, it’s a universal and unconditional payment made to every adult in the country, every month. This provides everyone with a ‘guaranteed minimum income’, which is an alternative name for it. We have it in a form […]

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More on the matter from Jeremy here.


A Re-blog (“What obsessing about you-know-who causes us to miss…”)

(Relax note: The article below lists a couple dozen problems that have not proved to be temporary… yet. It suggests that today’s journalism and our own lack of serious attention are to blame.)

24 Key Issues That Neither the Washington Elite Nor the Media Consider Worth Their Bother Donald Trump’s election has elicited impassioned affirmations of a renewed commitment to unvarnished truth-telling from the prestige media. The common theme: you know you can’t trust him, but trust us to keep dogging him on your behalf. The New York […]

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A Re-blog (“Catholic Artist Spotlight…”)

Catholic Artist Spotlight: Michelle Arnold Paine BY LISA HENDEY ON SEPTEMBER 5, 2016 Michelle Arnold Paine is an artist whose faith plays an integral part of her work. I discovered Michelle’s magnificent work on a recent retreat and have enjoyed my frequent visits to her website since then to learn more about this gifted painter. […]

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A Re-blog (“Why haven’t we impeached him yet?”)

(Relax note: Indeed, that IS the question. Below is somewhat of an answer, and some options. Dear God, let this uber-dangerous farce of a presidency end for us all — soon.)

Talk of impeachment began swirling around President Trump’s curiously coiffed head before he even stepped into office. In 2016, three legal experts published a memorandum claiming Trump would be in violation of the Constitution the first day of his presidency due to conflicts of interest. Specifically, he would be violating the Foreign Emoluments clause due […]

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