Pay the Homeless (Reblog)

[Relax note: The article below by Bryce Covert via Longreads is thoughtfully illuminating and a very helpful read for anyone encountering panhandlers (which may be nearly all of us, these days). One online priest years ago ‘blogged of how on his way to Mass or meetings or whatever, he was begged every single day by someone hanging around not too far from the rectory. One day, the priest determined he would simply bring out a tinfoil-wrapped freshly baked potato for the beggar (instead of pocket change or nothing). The beggar took it, but didn’t say anything. I replied that were I this beggar, I’d have pegged the 10-cent potato at the back of the priest’s knees as he walked past me. Even if it had real butter on it. He didn’t say and I didn’t ask.]

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Pay the Homeless

“It’s time to end the pernicious myth
that giving money directly to panhandlers
won’t help them.”