I’d rather solve a problem like Maria!

It’s not likely that the needy foreign family who will be receiving a purchase-donated goat in daughter’s honor will name it “Kathleen,” though that would be amusing. It’s a great gift, all in all — a gift that truly keeps on giving, and a $75 so much better spent than most.

Cows, sheep, goats, chickens — wonderful gifts, and it’s very likely the goat will have a humane life and someday-expiration. A win-win thing.

The in-laws-to-be posed on either side of a photo of the goat as they texted daughter about the gifting. That’s a sign of the times, but also, they do live far away from here (though not in California..) and it was only days before Christmas, so I suppose it makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense (and maybe it’s just me — you decide!) is the fact that these donatable livestock were photos in a giant VENDING MACHINE taller than both these people!

Maybe you’ve seen that before? I haven’t. I wish I hadn’t. Does it not seem a little cold to all parties (and the animals)? A catalog, okay — with a card sent, even better; but a vending machine? Why am I so shocked? Have we gone too far?