No to his wall, and other No’s..

The problem is not so much The Donald as it is those who allow his ways to affect us all. They prop him up repeatedly, somehow ignore his dire deficits of humanity (and leadership) even when they come from his own admittance, and are willing to clean up after him. Figuratively and literally, they wear the opposite of a pussy hat, but it’s just as embarrassing to those of us who remember a much better America and a better DC.

Donald is Donald. We’ve always known it. Personally, I can’t help but think of him as 5th grade lascivious Kenny, who wrote a note that said, “If I come to your cellar window, will you show me your boobies?” who then drew said items. *sigh..  At any rate, no, there were no presidential surprises to be had from Donald. Most would say Donald is about the money, but I think he’s more about the art of the deal, since he loses and gains money like experienced schemers — a gambler of others’ money, who personally has nothing much to lose.

I have likened him to many characters — Squidward for one — and worse, Idi Amin. Oh, I can be shocking when I fear people are sound asleep through a break-in. Every time, though, I know I am shouting, “Raca!” and that I shouldn’t. Everybody shouts Raca! in comboxes (and cars) at each other over any matter no matter how serious or fluffy — one of the things that makes me sick even on sunny warm days — and I don’t want to be that person. In essence, that person is shouting Raca! at his or her own mirror, and that’s not Allowed, either.

Donald is inept at Presidenting. He is inept in Cabineting as well. We knew this going in, but worse, the system of checks and balances are or for too long have been inept at checking and balancing — which took us by surprise. I hope it’s changing, now. There’s only one effective and honorable way to run America: To do good at home, and elsewhere if possible, but certainly to not do evil here or elsewhere. Legislating well requires skill, courage, morality — and a team.

I hold closely to the hope that Mueller’s own team will help save much of the day. I don’t envision anyone else being able to do so. Not abortive Democrats, not warhawk Republicans, and certainly not 2020 which remains chilling to me except for the former Starbucks CEO (which should rather chill me, too, except that he came up through poverty and domestic violence). Indeed, I hope Mueller is the American I think he is. I am already grateful for his and his team’s efforts to halt the sending of our everything decent to hell in a handbasket.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to think more like God as I’ve been taught Him — God loves even the Kenny’s of all ages and economies, and would Rather they (like me, too) just straighten out. As well, I feel certain that the Lord can see that most of us here in America wish no harm upon families anywhere in the world and would not have harm done in our name. I hope there will come a day when all families have a reason to believe that, too, whether they reside in our borders or without. We have it in us to shape the America we want — for us, and for others, but many more of us have to stop opting for quick, short-sighted *solutions* — and weird angry hats. Wear the other kind..