We’re coming up on my birthday (o, the holiday fun never stops!). Within 24 hours, I’ll be the wrong age.

I really wasn’t sure how mature I’d be turning. Grandson corrected my guess yesterday while we lunched. (You’re not surprised, right?) Really, now, what’s the point in birthdaying if you’re going to say in some fresh I’ve-already-paid-my-dues! outrage, “I’m almost 56 (..or whatever..)!” for six months before 56dom (..or whatever..)?

So far, since it’s been craziness time for weeks, now — so much going on for everyone — the kids have forgotten my birthday. I’m thrilled, actually. I wish they wouldn’t suddenly recall it and then feel awful, but they will. I just want to combine it with our usual New Years Eve doings, which decidedly could stand some extra reason to be.

Anyway, indeed, it’s always doubly a new year for me, and for all who must deal with me. (Or so I hope!) More importantly, it’s a new year for all of us!!

I came across an old list based on another’s blogpost that I thankfully for them did not respond to except privately in a notebook. “50 things without which life would be intolerable.”

I’m temporary goal-oriented, so I started writing.. You can accurately guess what my first few entries were, and the next 19, but by the time I reached blessing #50, I realized I could live tolerably well without many of the entries. Really, life would still be tolerable without ladybugs, right? And bells of any kind? Pretty eyes? Brace yourself: Entry #40 was “Internet.” (Shocking, eh?)

I can’t read some of my writing, but I think #38 says, “Teeth.”  😀

Well, your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to write down 50 things you LOVE, and to put in writing for 2019 that you are going to seek them out more, or invite them in. Then, sign that contract.

(I can live tolerably well without W’s, but I needed something to call my attention to the draft post [out of 1100+] that I started days ago and wanted to put up. “W” worked. Only once, tho!)