For My thoughts are not your thoughts..

I am ever gobsmacked over the sheer number of varieties of any beast or bird, flora and fauna. Do we have deer? The ones I speak of are the white-tailed, but how many other kinds there are! Squirrels? How many varieties all over the world. Seaweed, kelp, barnacles.. how many types of BARNACLES there are!! Is that a finch at the feeder? Of what variety, and what do you over there have across the world?

While at the river that borders the Atlantic, we found a dead seagull down in the rocks. It was enormous — would’ve only been bigger had its head still been with it. I studied the thing as closely as I could (oh, yes, turned it over, too!) without my bird book at hand, and later looked it up. Do you know how MANY varieties of seagulls there are right HERE?? And I just found out this moment, Googling the Glaucous gull (which was what I’d narrowed it down to later), that there is no such animal as a “seagull” — they are gulls!

Over six decades of calling them seagulls. Who knew?? How do I not always feel like a child in this world?? In this world of perhaps many worlds?? of Creation!

Sparrows? Know how many kinds there are, all over? And did you know that Ireland’s robins look nothing like those in the Northeast of the U.S.? Why not??

My point is, how can anyone without graced intervention — an in-breaking — from God ever know the first thing about His life? And the really unbelievable thing is, He desires the in-breaking. He can arrange it. We just need to want it, too.