I marveled, suddenly, at all the leaves
softening skies and tickling eaves.

Was this lushness ever not so–
did barren trees bear shelves of snow?

Doors and windows for a half-year: sealed;
some weeks later, it’s all repealed?

Yay!  but Emily says it better.


Love in the afternoon


Old man walked by with a friend today.
His gimpy old beagle was eons past gray.
Nose to sidewalk and stomach swaying;
every few steps, an aged tremolo baying..
The dog, I mean; old man had a cell phone.


Cat rounded the garage on soft cat-feet
expecting it didn’t know what it may meet;
I pointed him out, we whispered the rest
as we moved to windows to view our guest.
He, smoky love with amber eyes
glancing up at us without surprise,
strode like a king under the driveway’d van;
when gone from view, daughter said, “Man
we aren’t cat-starved or anything.”


Toward a new Spring


Like a mound of marbles,
it one day cannot hold;
the height becomes width
scattering everywhere.
It can be built again,
but why?
There’s another medium
— strong, wild-winged;
never to build me upon,
but perhaps, now, ascent.


Rain splotches
on the hoodie
and on the outstretched hand.
The hoodie can’t feel it–
the solid satisfying smack of clean:
the high hello of fellow clouds,
or the bath after birth
in every storm?
Here is my hand..
my head and feet, too.




I must.

If while being warmed
you’d like to feel swarmed,
toss one slice of bread near the blanket;
they will come if you toss it–
soon swarmed, I will posit:
from each other, 12 ‘gulls will yank it.

Do you thrill to large wings
so near eyes — all head things —
while oiled neighbors move off by 10 paces?
Close your eyes, with arms high,
let another piece fly–
the beach will gain back many spaces.