Hmm, what’s this button do…

Good heavens, it’s a ‘blog button!! Do I still blog??  🙂

Where does the time go? Where does the musing go?

Where did my sadness go? Yes, that has been a visitor. For real reasons, but I am also put in mind of how one US humorist described it (I’ll paraphrase), “O, all the horrible things in my life — that didn’t actually happen..”

It’s winter, or at least it was, so that means a double whammy (or quintuple, but who’s counting?) of inner inventorying. I’m the Lord’s daughter, and Mary’s, and the Church’s, and my mother’s. Thankfully, they all have beloved-offspring-blinded eyes and hearts — but I KNOW what they’re thinking. 🙂  Hence, the inventory result: Shape up!!

Until then, I’ve forcibly been appreciating the little things. One of them is odd, of course. I park under a certain tree at the afternoon bus stop. It is just up the street from the house, here, but the kids’ backpacks each weigh more than I do, and you know who gets to carry both bags the moment the kids step off the bus. As I sat there waiting for the inevitable a couple of days ago, I must’ve parked directly under a bird, because my windshield got decorated. It landed, though, in a perfectly square shape. How does that happen?

Yesterday, there was more than one bird — and apparently somewhere in the neighborhood, there is an abundance of berried bushes, but there were no squares nor even parallelograms to marvel over.

The water over the dam (heh) is something I roll down the window for, and slow the car to hear well. It’s one of the friendliest “Hello”s I get every day. Stunning visuals, too, both the rushing water, the still and reflective feeder-water, and the boated shore on the other side. I am so going to miss all that, soon.

As I passed by the farm yard yesterday, I lost my quiet and my cow-sadness, because one of the cows (cattle?) was trying to keep up with my car for a moment — I nearly waved at him. A few more of them were standing in the shade of the trees very near the road. I shouted, “Hi! Oh, hi!” Pathetic. I either need to get a life or my kids need to get some pets into their households. (Not birds. I have enough of those.)

Yesterday, somewhere around the edges of that daughterly inventorying that turns one a whiter shade of pale, His silent but sure word came into my mind. I attribute it to Him exclusively, because it was Authoritative. It dispels sadness and fear. It renders every other voice mute.

Also unlike me, it was full of love.

The Word, which seems to me is always Intended for more than one (where it’s possible) seemed a you-go-for-it; a you-can-do; an I’ve got your back:


“Begin anew. I said so.”


I will. I can. I believe. (You, too.)  ❤